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asterisk orange Utilizing an OMS, a well known farm equipment manufacturer needed an online ordering solution to provide marketing materials to over 1,850 dealers and media companies in North America. Ads, mailers, posters, showroom merchandising, radio scripts, billboards, web ads and audio commercials were added to the digital storefront. Today, more than 1,700 templates are available for print and media downloads.


asterisk orange An electronics manufacturer needed an ordering system to streamline their business card ordering process. Using an approval system, 620 individual field representatives throughout the country requisition business cards via an OMS. The electronic orders are automatically sent to corporate for approval before the business card is printed. The OMS dramatically reduced corporate’s workload and increased business card production turn times.


asterisk orange A leading integrated media, publishing, merchandising and distribution company with 6,000 employees and over 75 divisions needed an online solution to maintain integrity of brand identity. An OMS was built utilizing over 580 templates to maintain corporate’s demand for brand identity.


asterisk orange A swimming pool manufacturer who supplies product literature to its dealers wanted to update its product literature. The manufacturer would normally print several thousand pieces for each product literature, inventory the product literature, and ship to dealers as needed or requested.  The swimming pool manufacturer asked White Oak to suggest a solution to improve literature usage.  White Oak's OMS was the solution.  White Oak built a solution to allow dealers to order their own literature.  Dealers now have the ability to upload their own photos and place them in the corporate approved literature.  Each piece of literature can be customized with content, dealer logos and contact information.  Dealers are assigned renewable budgets so they can choose the items that work best for their business. There are more than 170 dealers utilizing the OMS.





asterisk orange A global electronics manufacturer wanted to eliminate on-site fulfillment and literature management to make room for additional production.  White Oak suggested an implementation plan to smoothly transition the work-flow.  The implementation plan included integrating the company's current ordering system into White Oak's fulfillment system, moving all product to a White Oak facility and generating reports to monitor product flow and efficiencies.  The users entering the orders never knew there was a change in their fulfillment process.  Currently, White Oak now fulfills and manages an average of 172 skids and 363 sku's...and ships an average of 45 orders per day.


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