1:1 Marketing

1to1 postcard 350x282Using 1:1 Marketing, White Oak enables you to target each customer individually, creating personally-relevant marketing material. These eye- catching pieces integrate individualized information and images as design elements, grabbing the recipient’s attention and leading to significantly greater response rates.


Want to reach them one-by-one?

Change the entire contents of every page—text, images and graphics! White Oak helps you address your customers individually with digital printing’s advanced variable data capabilities. The sophisticated technology connects a database to each page so you can design marketing materials to be created and tailored for a specific recipient.  Or use versioning to print multiple short runs of nearly identical copies with content varied for target groups—for different branches, geographical locations, or languages.  The variable data printing marketing advantage is that people will read and respond to documents geared and created specifically for them.


Digital printing has revolutionized the world of marketing. With Print-On-Demand personalized direct mail, digital printing technology is creating new marketing tools and campaigns that are more powerful, more relevant, more effective, and more cost-efficient.  Change your marketing message with the market and before your competition. Never again waste your marketing dollars by destroying inventories of generic literature that have quickly become outdated. With a 1:1 marketing approach, you promote your products and services directly to an individual—targeted personalized communication that will make your customers feel individually valued.  Companies can build profiles of customers by gathering information about their buying patterns and habits from existing digital information such as credit card transactions, invoices or customer loyalty programs. Direct marketing can then be used to complement their spending patterns and interests. Tracking can better define the customers you want, and want to keep.


Marketing that is relevant to each customer dramatically increases response rates and encourages customers to see your brand as a source of value.


1:1 Marketing is able to:

  • Change elements of text and graphics to address each individual you are targeting.
  • Apply mass customization to your marketing materials, creating high impact.
  • Create, integrate, and preview all personalization jobs containing fixed data or variable text/images elements.
  • Allows you to interact with prospects or customers on an intimate basis with the same effort involved in printing one generic mailing.


Benefits of 1:1 Communication: 1:1 Marketing has shown to produce:
  • Greatly Increase Response Rates
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Capture Current Sales Opportunities
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI)
  • 20-40% response rates
  • 47% increase in repeat orders
  • 25% increase in average order values

        (InfoTrends/CAP Ventures)



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