February 2017 - Extra 120 Hours Per Year

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How much revenue could you generate with an extra 120 hours per year?

OMS automates three major marketing concerns: Branding, Time to Market, and Efficiency.

Think about how much time you would save if those concerns were handled automatically while you focus on more pressing matters. Take a look at a simple business card. The average business card order takes about 40 minutes to order (requisition, order, proof, changes, approval). The time saved by automating with an OMS adds up quickly. An OMS system can process the order in less than 10 minutes.

Check out the math...

• 30 minutes x 5-day work week = 2.5 hours of uptime a week
• 2.5 hours a week x 4 weeks per month = 10 hours of uptime a month
• 10 hours a month x 12 months = 120 hours of uptime a year

How much revenue could you generate with an extra 120 hours per year?
Contact us to learn how an OMS system can save your business time and money.

OMS - Online Management Solutions
Customizable internet-based communication and management platform.
WhiteOak's OMS is a complete end-to-end workflow and management platform, integrating web-based ordering, design and file submission, and fully automating these processes to provide the ultimate branded online experience.  Learn more about OMS:  OMS - Online Management Solutions

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