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We’re determined to provide you with the fastest, most accessible customer service and avoid leaving you in the frustrating world of on-hold or voice mail. For most queries, begin by calling your account manager or a member of our customer support team. If the account manager or a member of our customer support team is not available, press “0” and your call will be automatically transfered to the operator.


Management Team

David Wisehaupt, President, ext.205,

David Miller, Vice President, ext. 206,

Denise Royer, Finance, ext. 208,


Sales Team

David Miller, Sales Manager, ext. 206,

Dennis Enck, Account Manager, ext. 213,

Ryan Reighard, Account Manager, ext. 216,

Bob Abel, Account Manager, ext. 209,


Customer Support Team

Janet McComsey, Customer Support, ext. 203,

Sheila Perry, Customer Support, ext. 219,

Jen Webb, Customer Support/Estimating, ext. 215,


Production Team

Paul Scheid, Production Manager, ext. 214,

Bob Witwer, Prepress Lead, ext. 227,