What problems commonly occur with PDFs?

We may experience problems if the PDF has any of the following characteristics:

• It was created at Low Resolution.
• It was created in RGB color mode. (We can convert it for you, but if you created your document with specific CMYK colors in mind, you may not like the results.)
• It was created as CMYK process, but is supposed to print Spot PMS colors.
• It was saved without fonts embedded. (Unless you also collected the fonts for us, we will not be able to print it.)
• It has the wrong trim size and is not proportional to the correct trim size.
• It was created without proper bleed or no bleed.
• It contains Spot colors interacting with Transparency. (If your job prints in Process, then the Spot colors should have been converted to Process before creating the PDF.)
• It requires file editing.

How do I upload files to White Oak?

There are several options:

• Access the website, click on File Upload and follow the instructions on the page.
• We also accept files via email, provided that a single email does not exceed 10MB.
• We accept files via our web-based FTP interface:
• Finally, we will be happy to download files from your source or site.

What application do you work with?

We can work with any application, but most often we use Adobe or Quark products.

Should I send you a PDF or the application file for printing?

Application files are preferred in case changes or assembly is required. PDF files will work for jobs that require no changes.

Do you require RGB or CMYK files?

CMYK or RGB files are both acceptable, although CMYK images are preferred. We can convert RGB to CMYK using our standard conversion for better color reproduction.