What are the classes of service and days to deliver?

The U.S. Post Office has set classes and delivery times:

• 1st Class: 1-3 days
• Standard Mail: 7-10 days
• Non Profit Mail: 10-14 days

Can there be an image behind the mailing address area?

It is best to leave that area free from any printing other than the mailing information. If you have a large image that takes up that area, simply create a white box to block out the mailing address area.

What indicia will be used on my mail piece?

If you are having us deliver the job to our post office, we will use our indicia that is appropriate for the type of mailing (first class, presort...). If we are not mailing the piece, but are printing and addressing it, you will need to provide us with the appropriate indicia.  Artwork for our indicia can be found on theWhite Oak Postal Indicia Art page.

How much room do I need to leave for mailing information?

The USPS has strict guidelines that need to be followed for proper mail addressing and delivery. Please see our Mailing Guidefor specific dimensions.

What if the quantity of the mailing data is less than my total order?

Once the mail list quantity is finalized, we can either change the overall quantity of your job to match that required for the mailing. Or, we can print the entire amount and ship the extras to you. If you would like the extras shipped to you, there is always the option of removing the indicia on the pieces that are not mailed so they may be used in the future.