Here are some ways companies increase user adoption with Online Management Solutions (OMS)

• Provide access to your corporate database through the portal, or allow users to upload their own lists.
• Centralize ordering for all your marketing materials within this single system, helping users save time and effort.
• Allow users to customize marketing and print materials for use with their local audiences.
• Assign budgets to users.

How can I get our locations to use our Online Management Solution (OMS)?

User adoption is one of the most important elements for achieving results with a marketing asset management system, which is why we have designed our Online Management Solutions (OMS) to be easy to use while providing valuable tools for the end users. We also offer phone and email support to assist users.

What types of marketing assets and materials can be included in a Online Management Solution (OMS)?

White Oak’s Online Management Solutions (OMS) provides a single, easy-to-use interface that allows users to order:

• Direct mail campaigns
• Email campaigns
• Printed Materials
• Marketing Materials


In addition, the Online Management Solutions (OMS) allows users to access and download digital marketing assets such as: 

• Photographs
• Customizable PDFs
• Audio files
• Print advertisements
• Forms and documents
• Logos

How much does a Online Management Solutions (OMS) cost?

Implementing a Online Management Solutions (OMS) with standard features can be very affordable and quick. However, many organizations find added value in custom-programmed functionality, such as integrating their database and targeting tools or connecting a to 3rd-party systems. A phased deployment can be developed to match your needs and budget. Please contact us so we can learn about your needs and provide you with an estimate.

How quickly can a Online Management Solution (OMS) be set up for my company?

Our Online Management Solutions (OMS) can be up and running for your company within two to three weeks. However, many organizations also request additional functionality, customizations and integrations, typically increasing set-up time to 45-60 days.