April 2013 - How To Ensure Your Marketing Is Focused

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1. Make sure you know the profile of your ideal clients.
Who are they connected to, and where do they hang out?

2. Make a list of your top 50 prospects, and work the list on a daily basis.
CEO and Good Morning America host Tory Johnson said that she always has a list of her top 50 prospects for sponsorships. She shares her list with her team, and it is constantly updated. When you know who you need to connect with and exactly what you are pitching, it makes your marketing very efficient.

3. Analyze your past offers and note which are the most profitable.
You can spend a huge amount of effort and energy developing and promoting something like a $97 ebook, when, in fact, a different offer may take much less time to market and be more profitable. In order to get this information, you need to be sure to review your books and your calendar on a monthly basis, and apply the learning to your plan for the next month and quarter.

4. Know which offer you are promoting at the moment.
If you are promoting three different things at the same time, both you and your market can get confused. Make sure that each week, you know exactly what you are promoting and whom you are promoting it to. This way, you ensure that you do a thorough job of reaching ideal prospects, instead of weakening and scattering your efforts with multiple offers across multiple marketing channels.

5. Plan on business growth taking more time than you think.
Nothing stresses out new business owners like needing to make instant revenue without a track record or experience. Plan to have inconsistent results in the early stages of business, and sock away money for months when your sales do not match your expectations. Some people are motivated by “burning the ships” and having no option but to make sales, but that situation can skyrocket the stress for some entrepreneurs with a lower tolerance for risk.

Remember, business is just a huge experiment. Have fun with learning, analyze your efforts, put in the time and sweat, and you will see success.

Original post written by Pamela Slim (www.escapefromcubiclenation.com).