Cross-Media Marketing


Expand your Reach with Cross-Media Marketing

Combine Multiple Media Channels to Increase Results


At White Oak, we provide a complete resource of integrated marketing tools. We believe that the greatest potential for successful targeted one-to-one marketing is realized by developing programs using Cross-Media Marketing.  Multiple channels are combined to create a single but multi-targeted campaign, including variable data printing, personalized URLs, email marketing, interactive media, or direct mail. This combination creates measurable campaigns that deliver a consistent message across all channels.  We help you improve your company's or organization's ROI by monitoring the campaign with reports, managing data, and follow up.  


White Oak helps you develop and deploy multi-channel marketing campaigns that build synergy among your marketing pieces, ensure your message gets through, and gives you the flexibility to communicate with each contact in the medium they prefer.

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Cross-Media marketing communications can include:

  • Personalized Direct Mail
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Email Marketing
  • Personalized URLs (PURLs)
  • Personalized Landing Pages
  • Online Surveys for Opt-in Data Collection
  • QR Codes
  • Phone Call Reminders
  • Gifts and Kits Processed by our Fulfillment Services
  • Campaign Results Tracking
  • Online coupons via email


By executing all of these channels with White Oak, you're also able to initiate campaigns faster, and eliminate the hassle and errors involved with coordinating multiple vendors.


Common Applications with Personalized Communication:

  • Sales Department (Customer loyalty programs)
  • Marketing Departments (1:1 marketing, continued customer contact)
  • Training Departments (event registration, surveying of sessions)
  • Human Resources (scheduling meetings, surveying of employee satisfaction, recruiting)
  • Non-profit (attract new donors, direct donors to PayPal®, continued communication of successes)