January 2012 - Direct Mail in a Digital World

tips direct mail digital world

Best practices help integrate touchpoints for a successful marketing strategy.

Open your eyes and you’re bombarded with electronic media. Cellphones. iPads. Kindles. Nooks. Facebook. Video streaming. Where does print fit?

Print fits as an important part of an overall mix that includes both digital and conventional media. In the span of just a few minutes, your target audience might be bombarded with direct mail, email, point-of-purchase, and social media, as well as mobile. Print is an important—but only single—component in this larger mix. To be effective, you want to marry up those print interactions with your communications through other media. You want to present a consistent brand and marketing message that people will remember.

As succinctly stated by Lazar Dzamic of Kitcatt Nohr Digitas, a London-based creative agency, “People don’t think ‘offline’ and ‘online.’ They just see a brand in all its touchpoints.”

That’s why marketing success starts with data. You want to use data to make the message richer and improve your communication with your target audience. At the outset, make sure you are following these best practices:

  • Verify and correct existing customer data.
  • Append that data to learn more about each customer.
  • Customize messages based on customer insight.
  • Personalize consumer interactions across all touchpoints.
  • Integrate communications and present a consistent message across all channels.

When you develop the print portion of your campaigns, remember to focus on those aspects of print that are unique to the medium or that are particularly suited for it:

  • Use great design that pops off the page in a way not possible on a screen.
  • Tap into the power and richness of printed color to create a lasting image. Add special effects such as coating, die-cuts, and embossing.
  • Integrate tactile media, such as textured surfaces or stocks that create a memorable experience.
  • Include product samples, personalized booklets, and other incentives not possible in a digital world.

Print offers unique benefits that cannot be replicated on a screen. For each campaign, think about how these benefits can be applied to your market and the needs of the individual campaign. When possible, personalize, integrate, and customize. If you’re stuck for ideas, talk to us. We can help.