June 2011 - Proof Positive

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Want a successful 1:1 campaign?


When creating 1:1 print campaigns, it’s important to have good data. It’s critical for the message to be relevant. You want snappy copy and great graphics. But you also want to proofread your work.


Proofreading is a step that too often gets overlooked in today’s compressed marketing environment. But it’s not an oversight you can afford. Not convinced? Here are some true stories that tell it better than we ever could!


 ~A national plumbing products manufacturer supplied the artwork for a product catalog. The catalog looked great. The images looked great. The product information was dead on. Unfortunately, no one bothered to proof the front cover. There in 76-point Helvetica, it read: "Plumming."


~A financial services provider created a billing insert for one of its statement cycles. Once again, proofing was lacking and nobody noticed that the contact number had a misplaced digit. Instead of sending customers to a toll-free order line, it sent them to an order line of a different and rather racy nature!


~A graphics shop was hired to produce a last-minute ad for a cruise ship to run in a local magazine. In the rush to meet the deadline, it did not realize that the line "Our uniformed Captain and Crew will make your evening memorable" had been misprinted to read, "Our uninformed Captain and Crew will make your evening memorable.” Fortunately, there was still time to make the correction.


These stories are funny, but they have a very serious message. Every step of your mailing is important, from the snazzy graphics to the mundane details of proofreading. So remember to check everything—headlines, copy, phone numbers, addresses. You never know what embarrassing typo might be trying to sneak by you!