August 2012 - Your marketing goals are within reach.

reachTake marketing content to a new level – personalize it!

The hot marketing trend these days is content marketing. In fact, according to a recent study,* 60% of surveyed business-to-business marketers plan to increase their use of content marketing in 2012.

One of the most common forms of content marketing is the customer newsletter. Whether the newsletter is one page or 16 pages, this is a great way to talk to your customers about topics that interest them and position yourself as a brand- and thought- leader in those areas.

If newsletters are already a great way to offer content, what happens if you switch from a static, general-education newsletter to a fully personalized one? What happens to your results?

One community-based healthcare system found out. After sending a traditional newsletter for years, it began matching the content to what it knew of patients’ health conditions. Personalized content ranged from advances in treatments to schedules for clinical trials.

After about a year, the healthcare system conducted a readership survey to find out how the personalized approach was being received. The results?

• 93% of respondents felt the articles were relevant and of interest.

• 73% read the entire newsletter every time it came in the mail.

• 77% said it was easier and quicker to read.

• 95% said they became aware of services that were previously unknown.

Talk about knocking it out of the park! Not only did the healthcare system solidify its relationship with existing patients, but nearly every one of these patients learned about some of the provider’s services they previously didn’t know about. That’s great cross-marketing!

Because the healthcare system tracked what articles patients received as well as patients’ usage of services, it knew just how effective its efforts were. It found that ROI on various articles ranged from $50 per every dollar spent on the newsletter to $444 dollars.

Not every marketer can track to this level of detail, but there are many simple, cost-effective steps you can use to monitor your marketing effectiveness too. Personalized URLs, barcodes (visible and invisible), discount codes, and multiple landing pages for various iterations of the same campaign are all ways to track and measure results.

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