Target Marketing

Variable Data Printing  |  1:1 Marketing  |  Data-Driven Content

Use 1:1 Marketing to target each customer individually, creating personally relevant marketing material.

Change the entire contents of every page—text, images and graphics! WhiteOak helps you address your customer’s individually by using variable data capabilities. The sophisticated technology connects a database to each page so you can design marketing materials to be created and tailored for a specific recipient. Or use versioning to print multiple short runs of nearly identical copies with content varied for target groups—for different branches, geographical locations, or languages. The variable data print marketing advantage is that people will read and respond to documents geared and created specifically for them.

Benefits of using VDP and 1:1 Marketing

  • Reduced print quantities
  • Increases response rates
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Captures current sales opportunities
  • Increases return on investment



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Target Marketing