Focusing on Your Marketing Strategy


Turn brand management into marketing success!

For B2B marketers, integrating brand identity into marketing and sales collateral can be a real challenge. According to Provoke Insights, there are three main reasons: 

1.  60% cannot ensure that brand assets will meet brand standards.
2.  31% lack brand standards.
3.  24% have no centralized library of approved brand assets.

Fortunately, there is a solution to all of these challenges.  Web portals...WhiteOak's OMS!

Marketing solutions within reach!
Technology makes it easy to set up an online portal for all of your brand assets, along with a library of brand-approved templates for your most-ordered projects. Add rules for who can access which assets, which assets will be locked down, and how approvals will be handled, and brand management becomes a breeze.

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|  Last Updated: 7 April 2022