Direct Mail

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Direct mail is one of the most common forms of direct marketing in use today. Direct Mail Marketing is targeted, profitable, and measurable.

We use the most current USPS sorting software available to ensure the lowest postal rates possible. In addition, we process your list for address accuracy to ensure that your target audience will receive your mailing in a timely manner. From pin-point marketing direct mail postcards to entire promotional campaigns, we can handle it all for you including complex merges and odd-sizes pieces. Versatility within our mail production department ensures that both standard and non-standard mail pieces are processed accurately and efficiently.

  • Database Management
  • Mailing List Purchase
  • Customized Programming
  • Merge/purge capabilities
  • CASS/NCOA/Presort
  • Address standardization
  • Database Appending
  • Postage Optimization
  • Data entry/cleansing/capture


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