Making It Personal

Making It Personal
Whether it’s direct mail marketing or transactional communications, customers say that personalization makes direct mail seem more relevant and worth their time. As marketers (and consumers ourselves), we know that intuitively, but consistently, the research shows it, too.

The latest study on the value of personalization in print and digital communications comes from Keystone Intelligence–InfoTrends. It recently conducted two surveys: one on transactional communications and the other on direct mail marketing. In both, personalization is seen as critical to adding value.

For example, when consumers were asked, “How can your providers improve the transactional communications they send via direct mail?” the top responses were “make them easier to understand” (43%), “make them relevant to me” (34%), and “personalize the content for me” (28%).

When asked about the amount of time consumers spent with marketing mail, personalization played a huge role, as well. Nearly half (49%) of respondents agreed that they spend “much more time” reading direct mail that is “personalized and relevant” to them than they do with generic direct mail.

The younger the respondent, the more likely they were to spend “much more time” with personalized mail. More than half (51%) of those 18–34 agreed with this statement, compared to 45% of those 55+. The fact that older consumers were less likely to heavily favor personalized over traditional mail speaks to the power of all types of direct mail with this generation, whether the mail is personalized or not.

Personalization was seen as even more influential in digital campaigns. More than half (51%) of respondents agreed that personalization was more likely to make them spend more time with a communication. This rose to 57% of those 18–34 compared to 41% of those 55+.

How Can You Improve Your Direct Mail Communications?  (Top Responses)
43% Make them easier to understand
34% Make them relevant to me
28% Personalize the content for me
25% Combine multiple communications into one mailing
24% Improve my ability to manage personal data and privacy
22% Improve accessibility
22% Use color to emphasize important information 

The numbers continue to tell the story. If you’re not personalizing your communications, whether print or digital, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Need to get started?
Let’s do it!

Source: “Annual State of Marketing Communications: Consumer Survey,” (Keypoint intelligence–InfoTrends, 2017)


|  Last Updated: 03 July 2019

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