Personalized URL (PURL)

A Personal URL is a unique website that is customized with content and information relevant to each recipient. Personalized URLs contain the recipient's name in the web address creating a truly personal and engaging experience that inspires people to visit their Personalized URL. PURLs can be extremely effective for prospecting or gathering data from existing customers using forms or online surveys.

Using PURLs, you can track the response of each recipient and measure the effectiveness of all your campaigns. You can even set triggers based on the recipient's actions. You may want an email sent to the sales staff when the recipient visits the PURL.

The primary objective of a PURL is to get customers to act which gives you the ability to learn more about your customer. After visiting their Personal URL, users may be re-directed to other websites or specific areas of a company’s website for further action.

All campaigns can feature rich landing pages with variable text, images, links, video and sound. Use PURLs in both print and email direct marketing to help drive response and provide detailed tracking for documented ROI.

The Power of PURLs

  • Improve marketing response rates
  • Provide relevant content to your prospects
  • Engage responders with interactive experience
  • Collect valuable data from your prospects
  • Track, report and respond in real-time
  • Personalized landing pages
  • Online surveys for opt-in data collection
  • Immediate email responses when prospect visits landing page
  • Online dashboard for campaign management and measurement
  • Hyperlinks on landing pages to your company website
  • Gather and update key consumer data
  • Track customer activity and preferences
  • Enhance marketing campaigns and messages
  • Measure campaign success
  • Interact with potential customers in a whole new way


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Personalized URL (PURL)