A Steady Stream of Resources


Engage B2B buyers throughout the sales cycle

The world of engaging B2B buyers has changed. DemandGen’s “B2B Buyers Survey Report” uncovers fundamental shifts that all B2B marketers should know.  Although the research was conducted prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges of our “new normal” reinforce these trends. 

Among the takeaways from the data? The increased importance of first-contact channels such as website and advertising/direct mail in the research phase of the buying cycle; the growing role of content (email, direct mail, marketing collateral, online resources) in helping buyers present a strong ROI case; and the need for vendors to provide buyers with a steady stream 
of resources throughout the buying cycle. 


68% of buyers say they notice ads from vendors during the research process.

37% of buyers say that vendor ads positively impact their view of the company.

48% of buyers say vendor websites are one of the first three resources they utilize in their research.

97% of buyers say online content should not be gated.

74% of buyers say they conduct a more detailed ROI analysis than they used to.

73% of buyers say they are relying on a higher number of resources before making a purchase decision.

75% of buyers say they are spending more time doing research.

97% of buyers say it’s more important than ever for sales reps to demonstrate a “stronger knowledge” of buyer needs.

Source: DemandGen “B2B Buyer Survey Report” (2019)




Last Updated:  21 January 2021