Reveal Card

These cards come with a unique peel-away section to reveal a message which can contain variable data. Ideal for rebrand reveal, competitions, product launch, prize draws, new product reveals, unique code reveals, and plenty more.

  • Fun & Interactive
  • Attracts Attention
  • Engages the Reader
  • Tactile Interaction
  • Stands Out
  • No minimums
  • Personalization Possible
  • Mailable

Reveal Card

Industry Suggestions

Financial and Banking
Encourage recipients to “Peel and Reveal for Your Special Deal!”

Home Improvement
Display colorful photos of before and after remodeling/landscaping/siding projects.

Real Estate
Tease the customer by having them peel to see the beautiful new homes in their neighborhood.

College and University
Congratulate new students for being accepted to the program.

Promote a new or special product.

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