QR Codes

QR or “Quick Response” Codes, are small printed bar codes that, when captured with a mobile device, allow users to visit web sites, send emails, get product information, see a location on a map, send a text message, play a video, interact with social sites, place phone calls (to numbers not in their address book), and many other actions, without typing a single character. Anyone with a smart phone or tablet can scan and read QR Codes with the click of a camera.

For your phone to be able to read QR Codes you will need to have QR Code barcode reading software installed on it. Visit your phone’s app store and search for “QR Reader”.

Using QR Codes to Connect with Your Audience

Combine QR Codes with variable data digital printing and you get an innovative marketing powerhouse. Increase usability and response rates with an increasingly mobile audience. We can help you incorporate QR Codes with your marketing and communications strategy.

Personalized QR Codes

A technology that allows you to provide each of your audience members with a unique QR Code. Personalized QR Codes utilize a PURL to increase the relevance, response and tracking of your marketing efforts. Each Personalized QR Code is dynamically generated to include personalized text, offers, contact information, maps, or a link to a customized landing page.

QR Codes are perfect for connecting people to:

  • Promotional landing pages and entry forms
  • Personalized landing pages and microsites
  • E-commerce shopping sites
  • Product demos, video and reviews
  • Reservation systems
  • Virtual business cards
  • Downloadable and scannable coupons


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QR codes