Web-to-Print (W2P)


w2p 477x159Web-To-Print (W2P) is the fastest, most streamlined way to manage your printed materials.


White Oak’s web-to-print (W2P) technology brings our clients real-time integrated business communications for ordering static, versioned, and variable print pieces. We offer a flexible, scalable and branded interface that delivers your requests and specifications directly to the print facility.


Establish a secure, corporate on-line print center to control and manage printed communications. Available 24-7 from any Internet connection… save time, save money, and increase the effectiveness of your printed communications. Harness the power of the Internet to automate, place orders, typeset, customize materials, proof, upload files and order fulfillment from the desktop, anywhere in the world. Enable more effective printed materials customized to regions or salespeople that are printed and shipped on-demand. Allow your sales force to customize their printed materials for specific customers or regions. Ensure control over corporate identity standards, while increasing response time to your sales force. White Oak Printing creates a more efficient and cost-effective purchasing system.


Streamline Your Printing Management  White Oak’s web-to-print system loads your library of print and marketing resources to a company-branded digital storefront, accessible by associates, remote offices, distributors and retail locations through secure accounts. Your associates can order what they need, when they need it, eliminating inventory and distribution headaches.


Improve Marketing Procurement Efficiencies  You can adjust, proof and order materials online using our web-to-print solution.  The materials can be printed and shipped quickly, putting your corporate-approved materials in use faster.  When your associates place an order, White Oak automatically produces and ships the materials to the user, a location, or a list of specified contacts. Invoicing and reporting can then be directed to the user, their location, or your organization.


Web-To-Print for Your Clients  White Oak’s web-to-print portal, Digital Storefront, can be branded to your company, agency, or even your clients, extending your service offerings and your value to your franchise, network or clients.


Web-to-Print (W2P) capabilities include:


  • User Profiles and Permission Based Ordering
  • Order Approval WorkflowsOMS learn more rev
  • Corporate Approved Print and Mail Products
  • Mailing List Options
  • Online Payment
  • Order History and Tracking
  • Budgets Assigned to Users
  • Assign Budgets to Users
  • Multi-level Approval System
  • Maintain Mail Lists
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Branding Information
  • Promotional Products Distribution
  • PDF Creation


Benefits Web-To-Print (W2P):


  • Streamline Product Management
  • Customer Branded Digital Storefront
  • Maintain Brand Consistency
  • Reduced Procurement Costs
  • Reduced Distribution Costs
  • Reduced Obsolescence Waste
  • Enhanced Customizing & Editing Capabilities
  • Decreased Request Fulfillment Time