March 2011 - Green Still Packs a Punch

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Survey Says:

Green Still Packs a Punch


Do you think of yourself as a “green” company? Even if you don’t, you might be greener than you think. According to a new survey, it might be worth your time to tell customers your story.


A recent joint Capstrat-Public Policy Polling survey found:

~59% of consumers consider a product’s environmental sustainability to be very important in their buying decisions.

~56% noted they would pay “a little” to “significantly” more for a product that was environmentally friendly.


Yet in spite of these numbers …

~Nearly half of respondents (47%) said sustainability and environmental friendliness are “rarely” or “never” mentioned in their employer’s communications.


That’s a pretty big donut hole!

Customers want marketers to tell their green story, so why aren’t they telling it? What a missed opportunity! Green increases customer loyalty. It decreases price sensitivity. Green is good business.


Tell Your Story

Get your green message out there. Your efforts don’t have to be sensational to be significant. For example …

Are you using 1:1 printing and target marketing to decrease unnecessary print volumes?

Do you have an office recycling program?

Do you print on FSC- and SFI- (or other) certified papers?

Did you recently invest in newer, more energy-efficient office equipment?

Do you buy carbon offsets?

Did you recently change out traditional light bulbs for high-efficiency fluorescents?

Do you encourage employee carpooling to work?

Everybody has a green story. So get it out there. Your customers want to hear it. Client Login